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bamboo bow  KB-007
Category :
Nationality/era : modern restored product
Materials : bamboo, black persimmon wood, cotton thread etc
Size : 142cm
Usage : archery learning
Characteristic : Bow attached with attachment type
It is a bow made of long and short bamboo parts. The Goja part is made of persimmon wood and fixed on the bow. The Goji of this bow is made using the main branch and sub branch of the persimmon wood, and the Goji of the bow can be exchanged for the bamboo part when the flexibility of the bamboo is reduced. That makes it possible to decrease the labor needed in making the Goji and enables it to be used semipermanently. More importantly, rather than being a new product, this bow seems to be a traditionally made bow that has Goji put on it, due to the record in 1602 that says “The bow was broken into and beaten together”.